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Affordable Childcare Tuition

Sprout Childcare is committed to providing the best childcare at affordable cost.

We strive to be competitive while exceeding industry standards.

Full Day Rates

Room Weekly Rate
Pea Sprouts $210.00
Brussels Sprouts $210.00
Clover Sprouts $210.00
Radish Sprouts $210.00
Alfalfa Sprouts $210.00
Broccoli Sprouts $190.00
Sunflower Sprouts $190.00

Multi Child Discount:

  • There will be a 15% tuition discount for any additional children enrolled from the same family that are over the age of two.
    The sibling contracted for the most hours will be billed at full rate per current rate sheets.
    This discount does not apply to registration fees, drop in or one-day care for non-contracted families or holding fees.

Tuition Deposit:

  • A one week tuition deposit is required for all new enrollments and will be applied to the first week of services. Each tuition payment will be applied to the following weeks' care.

One Time Registration Fee:

  • $50.00 per child
  • $75.00 per family

Holding Fee:

  • $25 per contracted day.
  • Limited to 10 holds per child per calendar year.

Misc. Fees:

  • $15 late tuition.
  • $40 NSF charge
Winter Fun


Infant Care

Government Funded Families

Sprout gladly accepts government assistance for any of our enrolled families.

All children of government funded families will be contracted at our full rate per the center’s current rate sheet.

We work with each family on a case-by-case basis to determine the subsidies provided by the government agency and any required co-payment.

The guidelines for Wisconsin child care assistance can be found here.